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 “Refurbishment performed with love and care is sometimes greater than creating from new”

Dave Fuggle

Refurbishment- The Options

Shell & Core

Category A

Category B

As the name suggests, this simply refers to a building framework that appears complete from the outside, is watertight and is ready to have all services such as power, lighting and heating installed, interior walls boarded and plastered, floors in place and the interior fit out completed.

A commercial space regarded as Category A tends to be a blank canvas and gives any new tenant a clean and useable office ready to move into but will lack any personality or customised interiors.

Cat B is when things become far more interesting and you have turned your boring Cat A blank canvas into a space that reflects your businesses needs and image.
This is the stage when you collaborate with your fit-out partner to design a style for your office space that could included a plethora of items including wall colours, floorings, furniture, door and window treatments, lighting, partitioning and more.

CAT A Main 1